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Turn the internet's best ideas into your swipe file.

Add notes and visually organize your favorite blogs, tweets, LinkedIn posts, podcasts, and videos.

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We reinvented content saving.

Swpely makes it easy to collect all the great content you find.

It's time to do better than copy/pasting content into Google Docs, Evernote, Notion, Apple notes, or even worse, using the dreaded bookmarks manager.

Collect ideas in one click.

Watch as the “S” icon pops up on your favorite content.

Click it to quickly save.

The "S" icon appears on images, videos, tweets, podcasts, and other random iFrames you come across on the web.

Seriously, we told our devs to get this to work on as much content as possible.

You might see it in the most unexpected of places.

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Save traditional content in a flash.

No more hunting down the bookmark icon or downloading images to save them.

Just right-click on your favorite websites, images, and gifs...

And, boom! It's saved in your Swpely dashboard.

Organize in seconds while saving.

Say goodbye to the link dump.

With Swpely, you can quickly add titles and descriptions while saving to add context for later.

You can also place your content in boards and add tags for more organization control.

The best part? It only takes 10 seconds to organize content. We built this for even the most disorganized.

LinkedIn organizing while savingTwitter organizing while saving

A better way to manage modern content.

Today's content isn't just websites and images. Its videos, podcasts, tweets, LinkedIn posts, and more.

We didn't just build Swpely to save modern content though.

We built it to help you take action on the great content and ideas you find online.

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Save modern content

Don't just save links. Save the best tweets, LinkedIn posts, podcasts, and videos you come across.

See your content visually

Organize your content into mood boards and find that link you're looking for faster.

Make content interactive

Play a video, listen to a podcast, and see top comments on rich content.

Organize content

Don't just stick to folders. Also use tags to better organize your content.


Create your modern swipe file.

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Get complete control of your content.

Saving is just half the battle.

Swpely's dashboard makes it easy to see, organize, and interact with all of your content.

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What's Included

Save all types of modern content

Create unlimited boards and tags

Chrome extension for quick saving

A note from our founder, Jay...

I'm Jay and I'm the founder of Swpely, the better content organizer.

If you're like me, you save a lot of links, tweets, LinkedIn posts, podcasts, and videos for later.

But I've always had trouble keeping great content organized, and keeping track of all of that content.

When you look at content a month, a week, or even a few days later, it's hard to remember what made you save the content in the first place.

And if you're saving a lot of things from the same person or same place, it can be tough to find what you're looking for.

I've tried bookmarks, Google Docs, Slack, and even Pinterest. None of them really work for today's content needs.

We need a solution that's built for modern content, makes it easier to save the best ideas, and makes ideas more actionable.

Modern content is high in volume and isn't just text content (it's also tweets, LinkedIn posts, podcasts, videos, and more.).

So that's why I'm building Swpely.

And I'm so excited you're on this journey with me.


Jay Desai headshot
Jay Desai signature

Founder of Swpely


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